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We are responsible for the overseas sales of fluoro chemical compounds manufactured in South Korea by a leading fluoro chemical manufacturer.
Our partner started the development of fluoro in 1998 and is approved by FDA-USA and ISEGA-EU.

1. Fabrics protector

Product name: CR-975F

Eco-friendly CR guard protector and treatment for fabrics. This fluoro is water and oil repellent. PFOA-free, PFOS-free, APEO-free.

Product description
CR-975F brings softness and excellent durability for cotton, nylon, polyester and their blends. It offers long lasting high penetration and bonding. It is the perfect environmental friendly ally to protect your fabrics from water and oil.

* We have various CR-guard products for fabric.

2. Paper & pulp-mold protector

Product name: CR-65WC/WA-Series

Eco-friendly CR guard protector and treatment for paper and pulp-mold. These fluoro chemical compounds are water and oil repellent. PFOA-free, PFOS-free, APEO-free.

Product description
CR-65WC/WA-Series are oil-proof & water repellent treatment agents which have good water resistance and sizing performance in both internal white water, paper & pulp molding and size press external treatment.

They can be used for various food packaging & food wrapping paper as well as paper & pulp molding.
CR-65WC and CR-65WA are approved by F.D.A and ISEGA regulations.

3. Leathers protector

Product name: CR-60S-Series

Eco-friendly CR guard solvent system. Wet and dry process fluoro, water and oil repellent, soil release agent. PFOA-free, PFOS-free.

Product description
CR-60S-Series are fluoro urethane copolymer with excellent water & oil repellent as well as soil release properties.

Engineered to offer resistance to hydrolysis & chemicals, they protect leathers from high water pressure and guarantee very low water absorption. CR-60S-Series prevent the formation of air pockets and uniform cells.

4. AF-Coatings (anti-fingerprints and anti-scratches)

Product name: F-0573 & F-8926

Product description
F-0573 & F-8926 are newly developed modified fluoro chemical compounds.
They effectively prevent from fingerprints, scratches, contaminations and stains.
Developed as long-lasting anti-fouling and low surface energy, F-0573 & F-8926 are water and oil repellent. Both can be used as graffiti removers.

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